NUTRA OFFERS Uncategorized 25 years old girl, groom of ‘Dada’ age:Happy with 70 year old old man, jokes about taking 2 year old son out

25 years old girl, groom of ‘Dada’ age:Happy with 70 year old old man, jokes about taking 2 year old son out

In Canada, a 25-year-old girl has married a 70-year-old man. He also has a two year old son. Despite the difference of 45 years in their age, there is no dearth of love between them. Both are living happily together. In a show called ‘Love Don’t Judge’, both of them narrated their story. After which this unique love is being discussed all over the world.

The first meeting took place in the pub, De Bai hai Dil

Don and Stephanie first met in a pub five years ago. Don was 65 years old at that time. While Stephanie was only 20 years old. Stephanie used to work in that pub. Don used to go there often. Slowly both of them started falling in love with each other. According to a report, Stephanie told that ‘Whenever Don used to come to the pub, I used to get pleasure from seeing him.’

People were surprised at marriage, family members supported

Shortly after their first meeting, Stephanie and Don decided to spend their lives together. Both started living in live-in. Later both of them decided to get married. When Stephanie’s family came to know about this decision of their daughter, they were a little surprised. But later he supported Stephanie’s decision. Stephanie’s brothers also did not oppose this relationship.

But people suffered a lot from this relationship of both. Stephanie and Don had to hear a lot of taunts from the people. Stephanie is accused of getting married for Don’s life insurance money.

When you go out with your son, people say ‘Dada’.

Stephanie and Don’s son is now 2 years old. When Don leaves with his son in his arms, people jokingly call him ‘Dada’. When Stephanie and Don walk down the street holding hands, people often taunt them and stare at them.

The couple said – the world does not care

Amidst good and bad response from the people, Stephanie and Don told on the show that ‘they don’t care about the world’. He also told that he is very happy with his son and the rest of the family.

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