Indians are Kingmakers in US Midterm Elections:Trump-Biden will spend Rs 390 crore on the campaign to impress them, campaigns are also being done in Hindi

The ongoing Congressional committee hearing on the Capitol Hill violence case has revealed that Trump incited supporters to violence in order to remain in power. On the contrary, Trump is cashing in on this hearing in his favor. It is being used to increase its supporter base and raise funds. Surveys show that 55% of Americans believe that Trump was not responsible for the violence.

Campaigns are being held in Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, in the
last presidential election, a large number of Indians voted for Biden. In such a situation, to impress Indians in the US midterm elections, Trump-Biden will spend Rs 390 crores in the campaign. The Democrat Party has given the responsibility of connecting Indians in places like Arizona, Georgia, Nevada to Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Poruval. He has launched a multi-million dollar campaign ‘Justice Unites Us’. Aftab says we are going door to door. Small business houses such as restaurants, grocery stores are holding events around the Indian population. The campaign content is being put in Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu and Urdu.

In the US midterm election, Kingmaker is an Indian-origin
Republican Party has also given million dollar ads in newspapers, TV and radio. Experts say that it is the most prosperous migrant community, despite the share of 44 lakh in the population. They are spread across America in such a way that Indian-Americans constitute 6-18% in 10 districts of 6 states. Where Indians make up more than 5%, there are kingmakers. A swing of 2% of the vote could turn an election into close contests. He will be weakened if President Biden loses a majority in the midterm election. Will not be able to take big decisions easily.

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