Order of postmortem of Amir Liaquat:Pak court’s decision – postmortem should be done after removing the dead body from the grave, celebrities came out in protest

Like the life of Pakistani TV host and MP Amir Liaquat, his death has also been embroiled in controversies. There have been many speculations about his death, including the angle of conspiracy to murder. In view of this, a court of Pakistan has ordered to take out Liaquat’s body from the grave and conduct a post-mortem.

Actually, a person named Abdul Ahad had filed a petition regarding this. It was said in the petition that Aamir Liaquat was a famous TV host and politician. His sudden death has raised doubts among his fans. Maybe he was murdered over property. A special board should be made for the postmortem of Amir Liaquat.

The family members do not want postmortem,
on the other hand many Pakistani celebrities are opposing this decision. At the same time, the Public Prosecutor said that Liaquat’s family members do not want the post-mortem of his body. They do not suspect any wrongdoing. However, Judicial Magistrate Wazir Hussain Memon in Karachi City Court ruled in favor of conducting the postmortem.

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