Russia-Ukraine War:Ukraine shot down one Russian missile and two drones, so far 34 thousand Russian soldiers killed

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for almost four months. On Tuesday, Ukraine’s air force claimed it had destroyed a Russian missile, two drones and two ammunition depots. Ukraine Air Force shared this information on Facebook. The Air Force shot down two drones in the Kyiv and Donetsk regions, the statement said.Ukraine claims that about 34,100 Russian soldiers were killed by Ukrainian forces between February 24 and June 21. On Tuesday, the Ukrainian army killed 26 Russian soldiers. Russian troops opened fire in Kharkiv’s industrial district, injuring seven civilians.

On June 21, US Attorney General Mary Garland made a surprise visit to Ukraine. The purpose of Merik’s visit was to increase international efforts to help Ukraine and identify and prosecute Russians involved in war crimes. During this time he announced the appointment of a senior solicitor to help with the investigation of Russian war crimes.

In the midst of the war, Russia has captured two former US soldiers from Ukraine, their names are Alexander Drucke and Andy Huinh. Russia claims that both of them were involved in the war on behalf of Ukraine. Ukrainian officials say that both of them had voluntarily joined the Ukrainian army to fight Russia.

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