13 children in woman’s womb:Right now there are six siblings in the house, will be 19 in a few days, father’s problem – how to take care?

A shocking claim is being made about a pregnant woman from Mexico. It is being told that 13 children are simultaneously growing in the womb of the woman. Earlier, the woman had once given birth to twins and the second time to triplets. The woman’s husband, fireman Antonio Soriano, said they already have six children. The couple has pleaded for help in raising the children.

According to the Mirror report, this case is from Ixtapluca, Mexico. Antonio Soriano and his wife Maritza Hernandez are about to become parents again. Maritza Hernandez’s ultrasound report has shocked everyone. The report revealed that the woman’s womb is not one or two, but 13 children are growing together. The woman is already the mother of six children. If these 13 children come into the world safely, then the total of the couple will be 19 children. Where the doctors are surprised since the ultrasound report came. At the same time, the couple is worried about the upbringing of the children.

Local councilor Gerardo Guerrero has appealed to people to help the family after the salary was not enough to support 19 children . The counselor said that first you should identify the person and try to help him as much as possible, so that he can bear the expenses of his family. The counselor said that Antonio has been serving as a firefighter for the past 14 years, but he is paid a salary that cannot support 19 children.

After single, double, triple, now the birth counselor Gerardo will give birth to 13 children
, further told that Hernandez, wife of fireman Antonio, has already given birth to twins and three children together. Hernandez gave birth to the first child in 2017. Then in 2020 brought twins into the world. In 2021, Hernandez gave birth to three children. And now she is soon going to give birth to 13 children together.

The doctor said – all 13 children are healthy

, usually if there are more than two children together in the womb, then there is a danger in delivery. Whereas in this case the doctor told that all 13 children are still fine. Gerardo said that it is a very rare case to have so many children born at the same time. Gerardo has asked Mayor Felipe Arvizu to intervene in the matter. It has also been urged to ensure that the family does not face financial difficulties.

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