Woman’s body eaten by her 20 pet catsThe police kept on searching, had died in the house two weeks ago

In Russia, a woman’s body was eaten by her pet cats. The woman living alone had died in her house two weeks ago. After which 20 of his pet cats started eating his dead body. The cats continued to eat the woman’s carcass for two weeks. When the police recovered the body. By then the cats had eaten most of it.

The police were stunned as soon as they entered the house

A woman working with the deceased had gone to meet her at her house after not having contact for a long time. Seeing the view, his senses were blown away. Cats were eating the dead body of the woman. His body was also mutilated. After which the woman informed the police.

woman used to breed cats

It is being told that a woman living in Rostov area of ​​Russia used to run a breeding center of cats in her own house. He had 20 cats of Maine Coon breed in his house. Maine Coon breed cats are larger in size and aggressive than other cats. Russian people love to have it.

If food was not found, then the mistress started eating only

According to the police, the woman died about two weeks ago. She was alone in her house. After his death, 20 cats were unable to get food. In such a situation, the hungry cats started eating the corpse of their mistress. In two weeks, the corpse was mostly eaten by cats.

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