Not only nose and mouth, you will be able to breathe from behind too:Turtle, rat, pig experiment was successful, rub the intestines and take oxygen

It may be that in a few days humans will be able to breathe from behind apart from the nose and mouth. Scientists are trying in this direction. According to the report published in the ‘Journal of Clinical and Translational Resource and Technology Insights’, a group of scientists has conducted several such experiments on rats and pigs. The idea of ​​all these experiments was based on the slow metabolism of turtles.

How can you breathe from behind?
This report has been covered on ‘Daily Star’. In this research, the mucus level of the intestines of animals was rubbed and diluted, which reduced the blockages in the blood arteries and increased the blood flow easily. After this experiment the animals were kept in oxygen-free rooms. It is believed that turtles have a thin layer of mucus, due to which they are able to breathe from behind and survive even in the cold. The intestines are connected to every part of the body.

The test report done at three levels does not say where this team of scientists is done. According to the report, those animals that could not breathe and could not even absorb oxygen from the intestines through the back passage, died within 11 minutes.

So there, those animals that were able to take oxygen without rubbing their intestines lived for about 18 minutes. This suggests that they were able to absorb oxygen to some extent. In the third stage, the intestines of 75% of the remaining animals were rinsed and oxygenated from the back. With this he was able to survive for an hour. The entire duration of this experiment was one hour.

Can a human also breathe from behind?
This experiment proved that rats and pigs are capable of intestinal breathing under the right conditions. According to the findings of the research, scientists believe that like other mammals, humans can breathe backwards. But before you start rubbing your bowels, stop, don’t do it. Scientists are also researching other less dangerous methods. They are searching for such substances in which the amount of oxygen is high.

It is not clear that
this test has not yet been done on humans and there are no plans to do so in the future. Also, it is not yet clear under what circumstances the results of the research will be useful to humans.

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