Shooting at Mall of America: 3 killed, 2 injured; Armed civilian fired at the attacker and killed him

There has been a shooting at a mall in the US state of Indiana. 3 people have died in this incident. 2 people are injured. An armed civilian has killed the attacker. At present, the reason for the firing is not known.

Armed civilians opened fire on the attacker,
a police officer said that the incident took place at Greenwood Park Mall. Greenwood Police Department Chief Jim Ison said – An unidentified man entered the food court of the mall. He started firing indiscriminately. After this, another civilian present in a mall opened fire on the attacker. As a result, the attacker died.

Suspicious bag was also found
Ison said – The mall is about 16 kilometers from Indianapolis. There are over 130 indoor and outdoor restaurants and shops. A total of 4 people have died in this firing incident. Two people are injured, who have been admitted to the hospital for treatment. He said- We have also found a suspicious bag from the toilet near the food court. The whole matter is being investigated.

Armed civilian had handgun
Ison said – from primary investigation it has been found that the person who fired at the attacker had a handgun. There are some restrictions on having a handgun in Indiana. People with a criminal background and below 18 years of age cannot own a handgun. We are probing what was the age of the person who fired at the attacker and what is his background.

There was firing at the holiday party
Before this, on July 5, during the holiday party in Indiana, there was firing. 10 people were shot in this, out of which 3 died. At the same time, on July 4, during the Freedom Day Parade in Chicago, there was a firing, in which 7 people were killed.

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