Bhaskar Khas: Conservative Party’s new strategy against Sunak, support to Liz Truss

The struggle for ideology in the ruling Conservative Party is also coming to the fore in the race for the new prime minister in Britain. Right now the Conservative Party’s right-wing candidates Liz Truss and Cami Bednoch are in the fray, while the centrist candidates Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordont and Tom Tuzenhat are in the fray. Of these, Liz Truss, Sunak and Penny are more likely to be ahead.

The right-wing section of the Conservative Party is engaged in a strategy of supporting Lij Truj to further its ideology. Under this, Penny Mordont is being projected as a rival to the truss. The right wing believes that if there is a contest between Truss and Sunak in the Last Two, a majority of the Conservative Party’s 2 lakh voters will vote for Truss. In such a situation, she will easily defeat Sunak.

He also believes that if Penny and Truss compete in Last Two, then it can be difficult for Truss. In such a situation, at present, Sunak is not being attacked in the strategy of the truss camp. If there is a final between Sunak and Penny, then both these candidates will be the middle way. This would be a big blow to the right-wing ideology of the Conservative Party. The right-wing voters of the party are adopting this strategy in support of the truss.

Voting of MPs Today, a candidate will be out
Conservative Party MPs will vote for the five candidates in the race for the post of PM on Monday. The candidate with the fewest votes will be out of the race. Two candidates will remain in the fray in the coming week. The final TV debate will take place on Tuesday.

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