Bhaskar Ground Report: Seeing Nepal going to the American side, China is busy in persuading; holding meetings to resolve the border dispute

After the approval of the ruling Nepali Congress government’s Rs 4,000 crore MCP (Millennium Challenge Project) of America and then the visit of Ujra Jaya, Under Secretary of the US State Department, now China has started persuading Nepal. The Communist Party of China has increased its diplomatic activities in Nepal. China’s foreign department chief Liu Jianchao traveled to Nepal to woo the ruling Nepalese Congress.

The most important thing in this was that Liu visited the museum of BP Koirala, the founding leader of the Nepali Congress. Also reiterated Koirala’s relations with China. In fact, the Nepal government had recently formed a committee to investigate complaints of Chinese infiltration along the border. After this, China has also started virtual meetings with Nepal to resolve the border dispute.

Work on Belt and Road Project if China helps:
Prof. Nepal Tribhuvan University According to Prem Khanal, China is also not happy with its Belt and Road Initiative not progressing in Nepal, but Nepalese Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has made it clear that he will not take loans, but if China releases grants for this project, then Only we will move forward in this direction.

General elections soon, less chances of a party getting an absolute majority
General elections are going to be held in Nepal in a few months. The main contest will be between Oli’s Communist Party and PM Sher Bahadur Deuba’s Nepali Congress. Both parties are aware that it alone cannot get a majority and will have to get the support of Prachanda’s Maoist party to get power. In the recent local elections, Prachanda’s party allied with the Congress and Oli’s party suffered losses.

China had earlier stopped paying attention to the Nepali Congress,
says political analyst Kamaldev Bhattarai, who recently consolidated into former prime minister KP Sharma Oli’s party CPN-UML and Pushpa Dahal Prachanda’s UCPN (Maoist) party. It was that the Left forces would now dominate Nepal for a long time, due to which it had stopped giving attention to the Nepali Congress, but now the situation has changed.

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