Sea waves moving across a two-storey building in VIDEO: Incident of Hawaii Island of America, experts said – this is a warning of impending devastation

Due to the increasing temperature of the earth, the natural balance is deteriorating all over the world. On the one hand, while the forests of Western Europe are burning with a fierce fire, on the other hand, high sea waves are rising in America. Videos from the Hawaiian Islands and Kona Surf in the US are going viral on social media.

In these videos, the high waves of the sea are seen touching the roof of the two-storey house. The special thing is that when all the incident happened, there was no special movement in the weather. Experts are telling them a warning before future catastrophe.

The Climate Change Report of the US space agency NASA has also warned of drowning of many cities in the sea. The report says that by the year 2100, the temperature of the world will increase significantly. People will have to bear the terrible heat. If the mercury rises this fast, the glaciers will also melt. Their water will bring destruction in the plains and sea areas.

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