Gonutradeal Uncategorized America divided into two factions on abortion:Churches came out in support of the court order; People angry with the decision intensified their protest

America divided into two factions on abortion:Churches came out in support of the court order; People angry with the decision intensified their protest

In the US, the constitutional protection of abortion has ended after the Supreme Court overturned a 50-year-old decision related to abortion. After this decision the country is divided into two factions. On the one hand, the protests against the decision have intensified and there is talk of challenging the decision. Abortion rights groups have insisted they will take to the streets, challenge courts and pressure the Biden administration to act to protect abortion rights.

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On the other hand, anti-abortion forces have vowed to launch a campaign of near-complete bans in every state of the country. Between support and opposition to abortion, this debate has now reached the religious places. At Austin Baptist Church in Texas, Rev. Jonathan Spencer gave two sermons to celebrate the court’s decision. He told his congregations, “I am happy to help them in the mercy and grace of the Lord. More than 63 million children have died due to abortion. This fight was not over. Abortion still stands and people will still go through these procedures.’

Meanwhile, at Mount Zion Baptist Church in Nashville, Bishop Joseph Walker III urged women to stand up for the court’s decision at a ceremony dedicated to children. She said that women are the front liners in the fight against abortion in America and the world and she will save them from this sin. During the prayer in Miami’s church on Sunday, the court’s decision was described as good and God’s will.

Abortion Centers Start Closing, Canada Will Benefit
After the Supreme Court’s decision, abortion centers in America have started to be locked. In Arkansas province, women coming with the intention of abortion are being prohibited from giving information online. Those who were given appointments have been cancelled. Experts say that it is not right to close the clinic like this. This will increase the problems of those women who are struggling with pregnancy complications. Neighboring countries such as Canada and Mexico are expected to benefit from the abortion ban.

The US Supreme Court has been making anti-people decisions.
The US Supreme Court has already given decisions against public sentiment. He has given several unpopular decisions like Brown v. Board of Education. His popularity has fallen further in the survey.

  • A survey by Quinnipiac University in May found 52% of people were against Supreme Court decisions. Only 41% of the people believed that the Supreme Court’s decisions were correct.
  • The ruling Democratic Party is not satisfied with 78% of the court’s decisions. The percentage of displeasure with the court in 2020 was 43%. At the same time, the opposition Republic Party believes that 38% of the decisions are wrong, while in 2020 it used to question 28% of the decisions.

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