Gonutradeal Uncategorized Biggest supermoon of the year: Moon came closest to Earth, moon showing 15% brighter worldwide including Delhi-Ajmer

Biggest supermoon of the year: Moon came closest to Earth, moon showing 15% brighter worldwide including Delhi-Ajmer

The brightness of the moon was seen a bit more today in the world. Although the full moon is visible on every full moon, but on Wednesday night, the first super moon of the year looked 15% brighter, so its size was also increased by 7% from normal. A supermoon occurs when the distance between the Earth and the Moon is shortest. Because of this the moon appears bigger and brighter. A similar coincidence was also made last month, when the color of the moon turned completely red on the full moon day.

Talking about the country, the Moon was seen with its full whiteness in Delhi, Haryana, Bihar and Ajmer. At the same time, its size and brightness is more than normal in all the big cities of the world. Its size is said to be the largest visible in India at 12.8 pm.

What is supermoon?
A supermoon is an astronomical event in which the moon appears larger than its normal size. According to the BBC report, the supermoon looks 7% bigger than the normal moon. Also it looks 15% brighter. Supermoons are seen three to four times every year.

The reason for the appearance of the supermoon is also very interesting. Actually, during this time the moon comes very close to its orbit while circling the earth. This condition is called perigee. At the same time, when the moon moves away from the earth, it is called apogee. Astronomer Richard Knoll first used the term supermoon in 1979.

Full Moon will be visible for the next three days

According to the American space agency NASA, the moon will be seen only close to the earth for the next three days. It may be called a full moon, but it will not actually be a full moon. It is only because of the size of the moon that it will appear to be a full moon.

The next occurrence of a supermoon will be on July 3 next year. It is rare for a supermoon and a full moon to occur together, so you shouldn’t miss out on seeing a supermoon today.

What is the relation between full moon and supermoon?
The moon completes one revolution of the earth every 27 days. Purnima also comes once in 29.5 days. Not every full moon has a supermoon, but every supermoon happens only on a full moon. The Moon revolves around the Earth in an elliptical line, so the distance between the Earth and the Moon varies every day.The supermoon seen in July is also called Buck Moon. Buck in Hindi means adult male deer. This is said in reference to the time of year when the deer grow new horns. At the same time, in some places, the supermoon of July is also called Thunder Moon, because thunder and lightning are common in this month.

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