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boris johnson wanted to get young lover job

After resigning from the post of British PM, Boris Johnson is now surrounded by a case which dates back to 2008. During that time he was the Mayor of London and MP from Henley. During this, Boris was giving his heart to a young woman, for that he tried a job in the city hall. Now they are being blamed for the fact that they misused their powers.

According to the Sunday Times, the girl’s appointment to the City Hall was put on hold because a celebrity, Kilt Melthouse, had cited the fact that Johnson and the woman were too close, which was not a good fit for such a job.

Kilt Melthouse had been a minister in Johnson’s cabinet until recently. The woman was none other than Johnson’s current wife, with whom they now have four children.

Johnson is charged with pleading guilty in another case. Being the mayor of London, he made American business woman Jennifer Akurey do business trips with public tax money. Akureyri later admitted that she had an affair with Johnson.

According to the Sunday Times, tape records of conversations between the two in 2017 revealed that the two had a brief relationship in 2008. However, at that time Johnson was married and father of 4 children.

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