Gonutradeal Uncategorized China making wine from our broken rice:Noodles remained the same, almost half of India buys rice – 97% of it remains broken

China making wine from our broken rice:Noodles remained the same, almost half of India buys rice – 97% of it remains broken

China, the largest rice producing country in the world, buys almost half of our country’s rice. Out of this 97% rice remains broken. With this, the favorite food of the Chinese, wine and noodles are being made.

China, which once exported rice to African countries, has today become a fan of India’s basmati and broken rice. The impact of the Corona period and the Russo-Ukraine war has affected China’s economy to such an extent that it is importing rice from India.

China has broken records of imports from India. India is exporting 392% more rice to China than before. Earlier China used to buy 3.31 lakh metric tonnes of LMT rice from India. In the financial year 2021-22, its procurement has been increased to 16.34 LMT.

What happens to broken rice?
If the rice is not of seed size then it is called broken rice. In fact, when the machine is used to separate the husk from the paddy, three to four types of rice come out of it. Whole, loosely broken, center-broken and multi-piece rice.

According to the Food Corporation of India, rice that is broken up to 3/4 of a whole rice or rice that is half broken in the middle is also called broken rice. Apart from this, rice broken into 1/4 portion is called small broken rice. If there is a piece of basmati, then even the broken rice will smell. Its price is definitely less, but the taste is similar to whole rice.

China China has become the biggest buyer of broken rice imports from India at present. India has sold 38.64 LMT of rice in 83 countries between 2021-22. Out of which the highest 42% rice is being sold to China only.

The Corona-Ukraine war raised the price of maize, then rice came in
handy China had sent a delegation to India before Corona. Who came here and visited many rice miles. After this, reports were made and sent to China. After this, China decided to prepare the wine and noodles served in the restaurant from rice from India.

Trade experts also say that a major reason behind making wine from rice is the increased prices of maize. Food prices have seen an increase in recent months. The demand for rice has increased at a time when prices of corn and other food items have shot up around the world due to the Russia-Ukraine war.

Both India and China used to sell rice to African countries
Before the demand for rice increased in China, both China and India used to export rice to African countries in large numbers. Of the total 16.34 LMT rice being sold in China, 15.76 LMT of broken rice is being sold. Most of the products like wine etc. are being prepared from broken rice. That’s why their prices have gone up.

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