Gonutradeal Uncategorized First black woman judge in US Supreme Court:Ketonji Brown swore; The Justice whose clerk was there, will now sit in her place.

First black woman judge in US Supreme Court:Ketonji Brown swore; The Justice whose clerk was there, will now sit in her place.

Ketonji Brown Jackson has become the first black female judge of the US Supreme Court. He took the oath of office and secrecy on Thursday night. His name was recommended by President Joe Biden. The Senate approved it.

Stephen Breyer, the current US Supreme Court judge, retired on June 30. The special thing is that Ketonji was the head clerk in the staff of Justice Breyer. Now she will sit in the chair of her boss. By the way, the interesting thing is that so far there have been three judges in the US Supreme Court who have done clerical jobs there at some point or the other.

Justice Breyer, 84, is the senior-most judge of the Supreme Court. He was nominated in 1994 by then President Bill Clinton. It was approved by the Senate.

51 years old Ketonji
Justice Brown is 51 years old. Judges in the US are appointed for a lifetime. There is a judiciary divided into Conservative and Liberal camps. The Supreme Court of America was established in 1789. Then the number of judges here used to be 6. Now it’s 9. Ketonji is the 116th judge of the Supreme Court. She comes from the Columbia circuit.

In April, Jackson’s name was approved in the Senate. Then 53 votes were cast in his favor and 47 against. The special thing is that 3 Republican lawmakers also approved Ketonji’s name. Joe Biden promised in his election campaign two years ago that he would nominate a qualified black woman judge to the Supreme Court. Donald Trump was the president then and he called it an election gimmick.

A Look at the US Supreme Court

  • The Supreme Court was established in 1789 under Article 3.
  • Earlier there used to be 6 judges. They can be removed from the post only in three circumstances. First – upon death. Second- on seeking retirement. Third- by ​​impeachment.
  • A total of 116 justices have been made so far. Of these, 108 are white. That is, the number of blacks remained very less.

How judges are appointed

  • The President nominates a circuit judge.
  • It is examined on two levels. First – the Senate does it. Second – the FBI does it.
  • Senators hold closed door meetings. It can go on for several hours.
  • The 22-member Judicial Committee conducts public hearings. After this, voting takes place in the Senate.
  • If there is an equal number of votes in favor and against, then the vote of the Vice President is decisive.

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