Gonutradeal Uncategorized Girl got a hair cut of 17 lakhs:Haircut in America was 3 lakhs, then went to Turkey 10 thousand km away

Girl got a hair cut of 17 lakhs:Haircut in America was 3 lakhs, then went to Turkey 10 thousand km away

Have you ever heard that someone has traveled 10 thousand kilometers to another country to get the haircut he wants? And spent 17 lakhs on hair treatment? An American girl has done such a madness. A girl named Brian Ellis traveled from America to Turkey for the haircut she wanted. Took a hair cut by spending lakhs. Then she comes back to her country. And says that everything was settled very cheaply.

Salon asked for 3 lakhs for haircut

Brian Ellis tells that he showed a photo to a salon in America for his favorite hair cut, after which the salon guy told him $ 4 thousand i.e. Rs 3.12 lakh for a haircut. Salooners have increased the price due to inflation. Brian is a regular customer of that salon. After knowing the price, Brian thought of going to another country.

Went 10 thousand kilometers away for haircut

Brian decided to go to Turkey. The distance from America to Turkey is 10 thousand kilometers. Going there, Brian got his desired haircut and then shared the video of his transformation on social media. She writes- ‘When you are asked in America for 4,000 dollars for the haircut you want, you fly to Turkey. And then fulfill your dreams’.

17 lakhs spent instead of 3 lakhs

Brian says- ‘I took a look at my favorite ‘hair inspiration picture’ that I saved on Instagram. I saw that the stylist who did it lives in Turkey. So I thought if I went there, my favorite stylist would give me the look I wanted. My hair treatment in Turkey took 8 hours. During this, he used to blend, toning and apply 24 hair extensions of good quality to my hair. For all this, I had to pay only $ 450 i.e. 35 thousand. I also gave him a tip. The flight from the US to Turkey, a two-week stay in Turkey and hair treatments cost Brian $2,2000. If you estimate its price in Indian Rupees, then 17.16 lakh rupees.

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