Gonutradeal Uncategorized He used to touch the private parts of girls while teaching yoga.

He used to touch the private parts of girls while teaching yoga.

A yoga teacher accused of touching girls inappropriately in the name of teaching yoga has been arrested by the police. The case is of Queensland, Australia. A yoga teacher here was accused by two of her students of inappropriately touching and sexually assaulting her while teaching yoga.

The accused was doing this for five months

Both the girls, who accused the yoga teacher, say that this was being done to them for the last five months. The accused used to touch her private parts in the name of teaching yoga and fitness. Initially he ignored. But when the teacher started going beyond the limit, he filed a case with the police. Both the girls making the allegations are 20 years old.

used to carry out the incident on the sea beach

According to a report in Daily Mail, the accused yoga teacher used to teach yoga at sea beaches and other public places. It was here that he also sexually assaulted both the victims. So far, two cases of sexual abuse have been reported against a yoga teacher.

Police believe that more victim girls may come forward. The police has issued a toll free number regarding this. The police have appealed to such victims to come forward and file a report.

Accused got bail, will appear in court

The accused yoga teacher was arrested on April 19 itself. But later he was granted bail. He has now been asked to appear before the court on June 28. If the charges against him are found to be true in the investigation of the police. So he could be imprisoned for many years.

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