Gonutradeal Uncategorized Israel government in dangerPM Naftali Bennett said – it is difficult to handle the alliance, the chair can go in 2 weeks

Israel government in dangerPM Naftali Bennett said – it is difficult to handle the alliance, the chair can go in 2 weeks

The coalition government of Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is in crisis. This government was already in a minority and had only one seat more than the opposition. Now this one ally has also decided to come out of the Alliance. In Israel, four governments were in minority in two years and for this reason elections were also held.

Bennett’s statement has come to the fore, quoting sources in the ‘Times of Israel’ report. Bennett says that it will be decided in the next week or two whether his government will remain or will fall.

Allies Why Angry
According to the report, the pro-Arab party United Arab List, a coalition of eight parties, is angry with the Bennett government over the issue of Palestine. It had previously had conflicts with the government over Palestinian settlements. This party says that the Bennett government is giving place to Jews in Palestine settlements and it is unfair to people of Arab origin.

Another major setback for Bennett came on Monday. Yamina Party MP Nir Orbak announced his departure from the alliance. With this the government was reduced to a minority with 59 seats. Orbach alleges that Prime Minister Bennett is kneeling before the Arab Party.

Yamina Party MP Nir Orbak has decided to leave the coalition government of Naftali Bennett.

Will Netanyahu return?
The Times of Israel report claimed that former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could once again form the government. For this they will have to arrange only two seats. Political expert Jamani Meroj said – Nothing is fixed in the politics of Israel. This also affects the image of the country in the world. Bennett replaced Netanyahu, who is considered his political mentor, to become prime minister.

Netanyahu has been prime minister for 12 years. However, he was also the head of the coalition government. 60 lawmakers voted in favor of the Bennett government and 59 against.

The doors of power are still open for Netanyahu, who has enjoyed power for 12 years.

the doors of power are still open for Netanyahu. If the Bennett government falls, there will be two ways. First – new elections should be held. Second- Netanyahu should again juggle the majority and form the government. Bennett of the Yamina Party is to remain prime minister till September 2023. He would then hand over the post to his colleague Yer Lapid. It is included in the terms of the alliance. Netanyahu has called it a bargain for power, but corruption cases are going on against him too.

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