Gonutradeal Uncategorized Kanhaiya Lal’s murder is the rarest of rare case:Threatened with a sharp knife, threatened Modi by making a video, why he is sure to be hanged

Kanhaiya Lal’s murder is the rarest of rare case:Threatened with a sharp knife, threatened Modi by making a video, why he is sure to be hanged

‘It’s awful to watch, my advice is please don’t watch the video.’

This statement is from Rajasthan Police. The video which is mentioned in this statement is of the brutal murder of Tailor Kanhaiya Lal of Udaipur. On the afternoon of June 28, people named Riyaz and Gaus arrived on the pretext of sewing clothes and slit Kanhaiya Lal’s throat. Also made a video of the brutal murder and later taking responsibility for the murder. At present, Riyaz and Gaus are in the custody of Rajasthan Police. Rajasthan minister Pratap Singh Khachariyawas has said that he should be hanged in four days. In Bhaskar Explainer, we will explain why the brutal murder of Taylor in Udaipur is the ‘rarest of rare’ case. Why are Riyaz and Gauss sure to be hanged in this case?

How is the ‘rarest of rare’ determined?

There is no definition of rarest of rare cases, but cases in which murder is premeditated, brutal, merciless without giving any opportunity to the victim and the heinous nature of the crime is seen, that offense comes under the category of rarest of rare.

Dainik Bhaskar spoke to Supreme Court lawyer Virag Gupta to understand the rarest of rare case. Explaining this, Virag said, ‘In India, there is a provision for life imprisonment or death in cases of murder, but the rarest of rare category has been made for the death penalty.’

Virag said, ‘The most important thing in criminology is the mens rea. It is a legal term, which shows the intention of a person to commit a crime. If you understand it in simple language, then a person deliberately commits murder with a criminal mindset, it means that the person was fully aware of his crime.

Why are the killers of Udaipur sure to be hanged?

Virag Gupta says, ‘The murder of Taylor Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur comes in the rarest of rare case, because the accused first threatened, then brutally murdered, made a video of the murder and posted it on social media. This shows that this massacre was carried out deliberately with a criminal mindset. Apart from this, the incident has caused a major blow to the social fabric. People are shocked by this barbaric killing, that’s why it is rarest of rare.

The killers of Udaipur incident can also be given death sentence because this incident is being considered as a terrorist incident. The government is considering it as a terrorist incident and that is why its investigation has been handed over to the NIA. According to reports, intelligence agencies are seeing it as ‘Islamic terrorism’.

Virag says, “Even if the lower court hangs them at the earliest after a fast track trial is run in this case, even then the matter will go to the High Court for consideration. In such a situation, it is difficult to hang him immediately.

Live VIDEO of catching killers of Udaipur: Both were running on bike, police chased 170 km and caught; beaten with kicks

Investigation handed over to NIA, killers also have connection with ISIS

The Union Home Ministry has swung into action in the brutal murder of Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur and has entrusted the investigation of the matter to the NIA. On June 29, Home Minister Amit Shah’s office tweeted and informed that the NIA has been asked to investigate the entire matter. Any organization and international role in this case will also be thoroughly investigated.

Its strings are being linked to the dreaded terrorist organization ISIS. One of the accused involved in the incident was in contact with Mujeeb Abbasi on at least three occasions in 2021, who was recently revealed to have links with ISIS. For this reason, the Anti-Terror Law Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) has also been imposed against these killers. If found guilty under UAPA, there is a provision of death penalty.

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