Gonutradeal Uncategorized Mother and lover took son’s life together:Murdered by needle pricking, wooden sticks and extension cables

Mother and lover took son’s life together:Murdered by needle pricking, wooden sticks and extension cables

In the West Yorkshire province of England, a mother along with her lover took the life of her own minor son. Both the accused carried out the crime with the help of wooden sticks, needle pricks and extension cables. The incident was captured on CCTV. The matter is in court.

The accused mother Agniejska Kalinowska (35) and her boyfriend Andrzej Latoszewski (36) at first did not confess to the crime, then after investigation, both were arrested.

Police confiscated CCTV cameras from a home in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. These cameras were allegedly fitted to remotely monitor and control the deceased Sebastian.

What was the matter?
In August last year, Sebastian Kalinowski (15) was brutally and abused for weeks after the case reached Leeds Crown Court. As a result, the teenager suffered multiple fractures in his ribs. He died due to infection due to non-availability of timely treatment.

The deceased had been living in the UK with his mother Agniejska Kalinowska and her boyfriend Andrzej Latoszewski for a year after coming from Poland.

Prosecutor Peter QC told the court that on New Year’s Eve the defendants’ attitude toward Sebastian had begun to change. They consider it as a barrier between them. The accused would give brutal punishment even for the smallest mistakes of the deceased. With the passage of time, this punishment became more and more terrible.

Why was the torture given for weeks?
Peter says that Sebastian was deliberately kept hidden from everyone or was not allowed to appear in front of others because of the violence done to him.

It appears that Sebastian may have been punished because he dropped food on the bedroom floor while eating or went to the toilet only at night. It can be understood from this incident that both the accused wanted to teach a lesson to Sebastian. So they brutalized him for weeks.

The court was told by the teaching staff that Sebastian was a calm, well-behaved child, but gradually began to appear depressed.

Lawyer Peter, citing a friend of the accused mother, said that Kalinowska was initially happy to see her son beside her, but this happiness was just a pretense.

Peter, who was unconscious for two and a half hours
, told the court that on August 13, Latoszewski had called emergency services because Sebastian was unconscious for about two and a half hours. Latoszewski told the court that he had seen Sebastian’s head submerged in water.

The court was told that the investigation report shows that the juvenile’s buttocks, forehead, jaw, abdomen, arms and legs, including ribs, were found with fracture marks. The cruelty meted out to the deceased was captured on CCTV. The police have also seized videos, voice notes and chats showing the abuse of Sebastian.

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