Gonutradeal Uncategorized One sexually abused 48 women, the other raped 7 times in the night

One sexually abused 48 women, the other raped 7 times in the night

A UK court has sentenced an Indian-origin doctor to four years in prison for raping a woman. A Scottish court found Manesh Gill guilty of sexual assault against a woman in a four-year-old incident.

Friendship happened on online dating app Tinder

Manesh Gill, 39, is a doctor in Edinburgh. Maneesh, already married, has three children. He had created a profile on the dating app Tinder under the name of Mike. He was friends with the victim there. After friendship, he called the woman to meet him in a hotel. Manesh had arrived on a date with a condom, Viagra, then he drank alcohol with a female friend. When the effect of alcohol was visible on the female friend, she raped her.

The woman was called into the room on the pretext of going to the washroom

According to the victim, Manesh made an excuse of bad toilet to invite her to his room. He told the victim that if the public toilet is bad, she can use the washroom of her room. As soon as she entered the room, he started touching her forcefully. She could not defend herself. The woman told in the court- ‘He was on me. I tried a lot to push it away but couldn’t. He was forcibly having sex with me. I wanted to go home. I felt like I couldn’t move. I couldn’t do anything.’

There were many more such cases when Indian-origin doctors were accused of sexual abuse or rape abroad and were proved.

1- Scottish doctor sexually abused 48 female patients

Similarly, in Scotland, an Indian-origin doctor named Krishna Singh was accused of misbehaving with 48 female patients and raping several. The doctor was accused of forcibly kissing, touching and examining patients inappropriately as well as making lewd remarks. For the first time in the year 2018, a female patient filed a case against the doctor, after which the matter escalated. The accused, who reached the High Court, said in the defense that some patients were wrong and some were the same examinations, which were taught to him during medical training in India. The doctor pleaded guilty to 54 charges, mainly sexual assault.

2- In Australia, a female partner was raped seven times in one night.

In 2006, an Indian-origin doctor named Arvind Sharma raped a woman seven times in Australia. During the rape, he kept making photos and videos of the victim. Both the accused and the victim knew each other beforehand and also used to have sex of their own free will. But on the day of the incident, he did forcefully. That day both had returned from a nightclub in Bendigo after partying. On coming home, the accused continued to force for sex. Whenever the victim agreed, she felt that she was just pretending to refuse. However, in the year 2010, as soon as the charges were proved, Arvind was jailed for 7 years.

3- Misbehavior with female patients showing fear of cancer

In Britain, an Indian-origin doctor named Manish Shah sexually abused female patients who feared cancer. Manish was found guilty of sexually assaulting six women at the Old Bailey Court in London. He was convicted in 25 cases of sexual harassment. The women’s counsel had told the jury that the accused doctor used to examine the private parts of the female patients without any need and took wrongful advantage. From 2009 to 2013, he sexually harassed 6 women in the name of investigation. During the hearing, the lawyer also told that already 17 other women had made similar allegations against the accused doctor.

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