NUTRA OFFERS Uncategorized Rishi Sunak on top with 88 votes: Leading race to become British PM, 25% votes polled in elimination round voting

Rishi Sunak on top with 88 votes: Leading race to become British PM, 25% votes polled in elimination round voting

Indian-origin British leader Rishi Sunak is leading the Conservative Party for the post of PM. Rishi Sunak has got 88, i.e. 25% of the votes in today’s elimination round voting, with this he is on top. If successful in this race, Rishi will become the Prime Minister of Britain, but he faces the challenge of garnering the support of British MPs. After Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordant got 67 votes in the Elimination Round of voting and is second with 19% votes. With this, Liz Tross is at number three with 14% of the vote. Kemi Bedenok is in fourth place with 11% of the vote. Tom Tujent is at number 5 with 10% of the vote, while Indian-origin Suella Braverman is at number 6 with 9% of the vote. In the elimination round, two candidates, Nadhim Jahavi and Jeremy Hunt, got only 7 and 5% of the votes and with this they were out of the race to become the PM.

The biggest challenge before Rishi Sunak to
become the UK PM The biggest challenge before Rishi Sunak is to establish his leadership in the Conservative Party. Actually, a committee is involved in the process of choosing the leader in the Conservative Party. The members of this committee are the MPs of the party. There is a three-stage process for selecting a leader, nomination, elimination and final selection.

If less than 30 votes are obtained, the candidate is eliminated,
the process of nomination has been completed, now the elimination round is going on. At present, Rishi Sunak is leading in this race. He is pitted against another Indian politician, Suella Braverman. Eight politicians had filed their candidature to become the UK PM, out of which two candidates have been eliminated in the elimination round. Please note that the voting for the elimination round is done through ballot paper. In this the candidate who gets less than 30 votes gets eliminated.

Who is Rishi Sunak?
Rishi Sunak’s parents were residents of Punjab, who settled abroad. Sunak was born in Hampshire, UK. Rishi has done MBA from Stanford University in America. He studied politics, philosophy and economics from Oxford University. Before joining politics, Rishi worked at investment bank Goldman Sachs and hedge funds.

After this he also founded an investment firm. His mother is a pharmacist and works in the National Health Service (NHS). Sunak’s father is a graduate of Oxford University and Stanford University.

Narayan Murthy’s son-in-law
Rishi is the son-in-law of Narayan Murthy, the co-founder of Indian software company Infosys. Rishi and Akshata have two daughters named Krishna and Anushka. Both were married in the year 2009.

A Look at the Political Journey
Rishi is considered a rising star of the Conservative Party. Rishi was elected MP for the first time in 2015. In 2018 he joined the local government as a minister. In 2019, he was made the Chief Secretary of the Treasury. Rishi has played an important role in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s election campaign. The government often puts them forward for media interviews. Apart from this, he also played an important role in the election campaign of PM Boris Johnson. On several occasions, Rishi took part in TV debates in place of Boris.

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