NUTRA OFFERS Uncategorized Sunak one step away from becoming British PM: Rishi got 137 votes in fifth round, Liz Truss came second with 113 votes

Sunak one step away from becoming British PM: Rishi got 137 votes in fifth round, Liz Truss came second with 113 votes

Indian-origin Rishi Sunak is just one step away from becoming the next Prime Minister of Britain. In the fifth round of voting on Wednesday night, Sunak got 137 votes, while Foreign Secretary Liz Truss got 113 votes. Either of these two candidates will become the leader of the Conservative Party and this leader will be the next British Prime Minister. All media reports suggest that Sunak will replace Boris Johnson in October.

Mordent out of race

  • The fifth round featured a contest between three candidates (Sunak, Truss and Penny Mordent). Penny got the least (105) votes. She dropped out of the race. Two votes were nullified.
  • On September 5, about 2 lakh members of the party will vote through postal ballot. Only then will it be decided who will be the next prime minister of Britain. Before this, on July 25, there will be a TV debate between Sunak and Truss. Its formal announcement is yet to be made.
  • In the fourth round of voting on Tuesday, Sunak got 118 votes and Truss got 86 votes. Voting began on 12 July. A total of 8 candidates were in the race then. Now 2 of these are left. i.e. Rishi Sunak and Lij Truss.
  • According to British media, the names of Truss and Sunak as the last two candidates remained the same. Sunak is a great administrator.

Now what next
Sunak and Truss will tour the whole of Britain for the first time before the postal ballot voting of Conservative Party members to be held in September. During this, he will inform the party members about his policy and priority.

The Conservative Party has about 2 lakh members. They make up about 0.3% of the total population of the UK. On 7 July, Boris Johnson resigned as leader of the parliamentary party. However, he will remain the Prime Minister till October.

The final round is not easy
, according to ‘The Guardian’, Sunak saved the British economy from destruction during the Corona era. Very low-spoken and calm-tempered Sunak is definitely a favorite, but Truss is not far behind. Johnson is also in favor of Liz.

YouGov recently conducted a survey among Conservative Party members. In this, 54 people voted in favor of Truss while 35% people voted in favor of Sunak. Sunak has said that he is not in favor of reducing taxes, but will check inflation at all costs. The next general election in the UK will be held in January 2025. According to a survey, the people of Britain now want to give a chance to the Labor Party. If the new Prime Minister wants, with the approval of the cabinet, he can conduct general elections even before time.

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